Fortnight Lily

City always challenges me. For many years now I have struggled with city life of living out of apartments, waking up to views of concrete jungle, fighting with traffic. Lack of connection with nature frustrates me endlessly. Of course I go to parks and hikes on weekends but not being able to be in nature as much as I would like to, does upset me. Especially having returned from Himalayan life in farms these last few months, being in Los Angeles this time is making it certainly more difficult.

As I continue to work on this challenge, I make it to a point to make it to nearby parks in the mornings. It gets my day going with needed physical exercise and moments to enjoy the green grass, the sunrise, the lovely blooms. Today’s visit was a special one thanks to these group of fortnight lilies that stole my heart. ❤️

As I was about to leave the park, I saw this flock of lovelies and decided to go closer. As I stood there, I saw half of the group had sun shining on them and the other half was under shade. One particular one was dancing gently in the slow wind. I looked at her for a while and thought to myself for the immense beauty and bliss she was giving to me this morning, what could I ever offer her. But then it occurred to me I am giving her my heart and all the love and energy to be full and blooming until she wants.

Standing there I felt the lily and me and a nearby tree, even nearby cars and traffic lights, we were all breathing in harmony. That moment was so serene making me forget for a bit I was standing in one of the busiest parks of one of the busiest cities of the world. My goal is to find more such moments and to eradicate the biases I carry about city life and make myself non dependent on external situations of a city, and find my inner peace. Work in progress 🙂

Full moon in Scorpio

Celebrating Scorpion full moon with the lovely red blossoms of Thorny Dadap. She is in full bloom on all the trails I have been since I got here. Also called I think Eastern flower, Indian coral tree and sunshine tree❤️.

I had woken up restless and finding a meditative moment just staring at these blooms helped me recover a bit. I picked some of her flowers from the ground and made a tiny mandala for the meditation session.

This moon resurfaces all unresolved issues bringing lot of emotional turmoil, all of which is a necessary exercise. It is pushing us to dive into what needs to be confronted fiercely and then let go. Not an easy one but revolutionary in a way that it pushes for awareness of issues buried for long, and hence rearrange and repurpose towards a higher self. Scorpio’s tough love is here and I am accepting it with open arms, ready for my lessons and new healed energy. #growingpains

Have a happy and prosperous full moon. Love and light 💙

Dreaming of the moon

how is it that I always dream of you

checking in new towns

ready with your skies

to leave for a new one

rushing across the rooms

we plan to meet

in the middle of nowhere


how you chase gods and lands, how you rise

and set according to your charts, how you

pick pieces of us that decorate your pages


and I the only pilgrim of your winding roads


I follow disappearing scents of your hands

too eager for the deceiving door

my eyes too slow

to catch the mist of you

my eyes too still

to blink past the moon

that never before

came so close to our fading roses


how is it that I always dream of you

firmly holding on to your seas

but never holding me tight enough


Vaishali Paliwal