New moon practice

0 percent illumination and time to meditate under the dark night skies, on what is unseen, that has not surfaced to our awareness yet, that lies in the deepest layers of this ocean. To mediate with this unknown, to surrender to this unrevealed territory with a silent mind, dive in this ‘mysterious’ while holding on to nothing, this is my new moon practice. 🙏💓


Welcoming June 💓

Waning crescent moon 10% illumination.

Lot of shadow work this quarter , lot of past hurtful cycles resurfacing, and finding myself to be back there again even more challenging since you think you have made some progress but what’s not healed is not healed, and it resurfaces and all the soul work you have done seems to have not worked but it’s a continuous process to work on. All the pain always leads to something transformational and revolutionary. Started my day with a Goddess saying go create some gold so I had a sacred mission for this day :).

Setting up my intentions for June not with things to do, but with how I want to feel. I want to focus on these feelings that I want to co-create with my current environment and my community. To feel belonged, to feel loved , to feel one , to feel happy, to be helpful, to be creative, to feel healthy. Journaled in this lovely space today with a tiny flower, many little bugs and moths stopping by with message of cohabitation . We are welcoming June blooms here together. A very happy and lovely and prosperous and peaceful month of June dear ones 💓💓💓

Full moon in Scorpio

Celebrating Scorpion full moon with the lovely red blossoms of Thorny Dadap. She is in full bloom on all the trails I have been since I got here. Also called I think Eastern flower, Indian coral tree and sunshine tree❤️.

I had woken up restless and finding a meditative moment just staring at these blooms helped me recover a bit. I picked some of her flowers from the ground and made a tiny mandala for the meditation session.

This moon resurfaces all unresolved issues bringing lot of emotional turmoil, all of which is a necessary exercise. It is pushing us to dive into what needs to be confronted fiercely and then let go. Not an easy one but revolutionary in a way that it pushes for awareness of issues buried for long, and hence rearrange and repurpose towards a higher self. Scorpio’s tough love is here and I am accepting it with open arms, ready for my lessons and new healed energy. #growingpains

Have a happy and prosperous full moon. Love and light 💙