timeless verse

my desert beauty

whispers a timeless poem

one that i write now


Vaishali Paliwal



Look at Mother,

an infinite and mystical ocean

of all things of beauty and bliss

perfectly aligned,

growing and functioning

in complete harmony with each other,

without any noise, without any chaos,

so quietly, so magnificently

with utmost grace

with utmost divinity,

each of her branches

each of her wild flowers

birthing in her

prospering in her

and eventually merging in her-

one perfected meditation

one sacred flow

the purest union,

she is Mother

she is naturally breathing in me

I am naturally her.


Vaishali Paliwal

Dreaming of the moon

how is it that I always dream of you

checking in new towns

ready with your skies

to leave for a new one

rushing across the rooms

we plan to meet

in the middle of nowhere


how you chase gods and lands, how you rise

and set according to your charts, how you

pick pieces of us that decorate your pages


and I the only pilgrim of your winding roads


I follow disappearing scents of your hands

too eager for the deceiving door

my eyes too slow

to catch the mist of you

my eyes too still

to blink past the moon

that never before

came so close to our fading roses


how is it that I always dream of you

firmly holding on to your seas

but never holding me tight enough


Vaishali Paliwal